Minced Beef & Cheese

Ground Angus beef, Kerrygold cheddar

Minced Beef Deluxe

Ground Angus beef, mashed potato with smoked bacon and chives

Steak & Cheese

Tenderloin, Kerrygold cheddar

Steak & Mushroom

Tenderloin, mushroom

Rosemary Chicken

Natural chicken breast, fresh rosemary, carrots, white sauce

Butter Chicken

Natural chicken breast, Indian spices, coconut milk, creamy tomato sauce

Chicken Tinga

Natural chicken breast, spicy chipotle-tomato sauce, chilies, cilantro

Spinach & Feta

Spinach, feta & parmesan, white sauce


Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Hempler’s bacon, organic egg, Kerrygold cheddar

Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Natural chicken sausage patty, organic egg, Kerrygold cheddar

Ham, Egg & Cheese

Hempler’s ham, organic egg scramble, Kerrygold cheddar


Berries & Vanilla Custard

Mixed berries, rich vanilla custard

Apple Currant

Apples, cinnamon, currants